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Corey from Bridgeton, Missouri


Hello George, Just wanted to let you know how much it is a pleasure to work with Russ Pylant. He has been very helpful when it comes to us getting the computer hardware and software products we need. We were using another company before GHA Associates and they just did not seem very interested in helping us. There was constant turnover which made it extremely difficult in handling situations that required immediate answers. Russ has always been available for us, which can be critical when we have fires to put out. His quick response make me look good to the personnel here and getting them the right products on a timely basis.



Dan from Aberdeen, SD


"Hi Mike and Mark, Mike, it has been GREAT working with you over the years. I also really appreciate a company that doesn't switch up representatives every two, three or four years. GHA has been a solid company and you have been a top go to guy. You've always been very responsive and such a great help. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your next adventures. Mark, I look forward to working with you. I spoke with Mike about purchasing printers and what GHA has to offer in regards to any printer services agreements/warranties. Our current MPS contract ends this summer, July 4. We are exploring additional options and are looking at the following printers based on their duty cycles and cost efficiencies. I also know Brother has some service agreements and extended warranties as well if you partner with them in those options. These are the printers we are looking at, a total of 8. 5 x Brother MFC-L6900DW 3 x Brother MFC-L9670CDN"



RonJo from Albuquerque, NM


"Good Afternoon Julio, I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for all that you have done for our organization, your commitment is invaluable, and your positive attitude and willingness to go above and beyond for us is greatly appreciated. We are proud and glad that we have this great partnership with you and am looking forward to continuing to work with you moving forward."



Paul from Detroit, MI


"I would like to take a moment to give GHA Technologies, Inc, especially Jeff Helthall, some well-deserved praise. Jeff has always gone above and beyond the call of duty and paid attention to every detail with every quote request and order I have made. His follow up calls about service agreement expiration, help keep me on track. He is also always up to the challenge when I am look for a solution. Jeff and GHA are an excellent resource not just for product selection but customer service. Customer service is key and I have moved orders to GHA because of the level of service I have received. Thank you for everything."



Scott from Houston, TX


"I am not engaging in hyperbole when I say that in my 35+ year career in IT, GHA is the best vendor I have ever worked with. Sandy Cibulka in particular has gone above and beyond on many occasions. Communication, follow-through and honesty are some of the reasons it is such a pleasure to work with her. A particular situation involved multiple failures of our Barracuda firewalls. We were having a difficult time with them, and she spent hours on the phone with them. This resulted in brand new routers showing up the next day. She saved us from a disaster. After so many decades in IT, I have quite a large network of colleagues. I never miss a chance to recommend GHA to them. Simply put, if all vendors were like GHA, the world would be a much better place."



Matt from Harleysville, Pennsylvania


"Hi George, I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to send you a quick note and feedback on GHA and specifically Cory. I am the service desk manager for Colorcon North America and Latin America. I have been with Colorcon for 28 years and in the IT department for about 25 of those years. For close to 20 of those years I have been managing the Service Desk team. All this to say I have been with Colorcon and the IT industry for a long time. Since the beginning of my IT career I have also been responsible for all procurement of IT equipment and vendor selection for IT purchases. After working with various vendors, about 12 years ago we settled on a local vendor that gave both good support and fair pricing. After a number of years working with this vendor, I had received a call from Cory introducing himself and GHA. After telling him we had a vendor we were happy with but would always be willing to get competitive pricing, Cory left an open invitation to use him as a resource for quotes to keep our vendor honest. After about 2 or 3 years of getting quotes from Cory (and us not buying anything) I came to respect that Cory continued to provide quotes without ever putting any pressure or using typical salesman tactics. He never would give us lowball prices to get his foot in the door. He would simply say he was happy to provide pricing and always will be there to help if needed. Eventually the current vendor began having some issues with taking very long getting back to me with quotes and at times not replying for a day or two on important needs. It was easy to begin testing Cory further to order some items here and there. I looked back at the time Cory has provided quotes and how reliable he was (without me ever making a purchase) and thought it was time to give him a chance. It did not take long to realize Colorcon has just found a new trusted partner for our IT spending and since then, I have had no reason to look back. Over the years Cory has continued to be honest while never pressuring us on any purchases. Our former copier vendor had approached me with an incredible one time deal on Lenovo laptops early in 2022. I relayed the pricing info to Cory and he told me that the price we were given was incredible and if he were me, he would go with that offer! I could tell many stories of Cory's commitment to help us find anything we need and to help Colorcon first, which all would further prove that Colorcon has made the right choice to make GHA the vendor of choice for our IT equipment and supply needs. You truly have a great team member and representative for GHA in Cory! Thank you and feel free to let me know if you have any questions!"



Michelle from Comanche, TX


"Caring Hearts for Children appreciates its partnership with GHA. Our Representative, Ryan Welch is always pleasant and professional. He always goes above and beyond to meet our purchasing needs. Mr. Welch is also very responsive and provides competitive pricing for an assortment of products as well as giving our nonprofit access to several grant opportunities. We look forward to continuing our relationship with GHA and Ryan Welch."





"The GHA organization has proven itself as a leader in price, quality, and most of all customer service. Communication was a top standard. Specifically, Richard Guerrero and his support staff are effective and consistent. As an exceptionally large school district in California our service needs are often difficult and time consuming. GHA met our needs with a positive experience. Without sounding redundant, the GHA organization is staffed with responsible, upbeat, patient, professionals."



Shannon from Pittsburgh, PA


"Koppers has the good fortune to work with Eric Carlson (Account Manager) and GHA Associates. Throughout this relationship, Eric has exhibited the highest level of professionalism, attentiveness, and responsiveness. He has provided the utmost guidance and support to our account, always putting our best interest in the forefront."



Juan from Richfield, OH


"MobilityWorks is proud to work with GHA. Brian Chamberlin has been a great person to work with. We consider our relationship with GHA a partnership. We trust GHA at the corporate level as well as with our 110 locations across the country. Thank you!"



Larry from Fort Worth, Texas


"Stacey, I had to notify Sparkhound 45 days before our agreement with them expires on 03/31/23 so they are already aware. It will be interesting to see how Ingram handles our licenses because Sparkhound / PAX8 really made a mess of them. They have different durations and renewal dates. The main thing will be a smooth uneventful transition for our end users. However, it will be good to work through any issues with Ingram to get it all cleaned up. We all know you will be on top of this! This was a huge factor in us choosing GHA & Ingram. Thank you!"



Vito from Summit, NJ


"Linda, You really pulled your resources together here for us, so I just wanted to say Thank You! We see how much effort you have been putting into our account, and we are happy to have you onboard."



Phil from Irvine, CA


"Hi George, While I'm sure you don't know me personally, I did want to reach out to you and compliment Josh Tates on his support of our business. We started a few years back with just a Dropbox consolidation and have moved most of our purchasing over to Josh due to his ability to not only get great prices but keeping us informed of shipping and help us out with anything we need. Love working with Josh!"



Adam from New York, New York


"Vikki does a really amazing job. I have been working with her for years now. And she is always consistently good. She gets back to me very promptly and gets good pricing. She also suggests good alternatives. I have come to really value her opinion. It is the people and personal touch that really make people like Vikki stand out and is why I do business with GHA."



John from Hattiesburg Clinic, PA


"Our relationship with GHA has grown over the many years we have utilized them as a Vendor. We have gone through a small handful of Account Managers and Associates. Russ is by far the best we have worked with. He is responsive, knowledgeable and hard-working. He understands our needs and considers our perspectives. He is mindful of our time, and beyond all else is willing to go the extra mile on anything from a meager purchase to a large project. I am happy we have a growing relationship with GHA. Hattiesburg Clinic will continue to consider opportunities through GHA. The current growth in our utilization through this company is much attributed to Russ and his efforts. He is to be commended, and I recommend GHA to my counterparts in the industry in conversations frequently as a result".



Mary from Tulsa, OK


"George, I have been in te IT industry for 30 years and I have learned to value integrity and insight. Russ Pylant has be a beacon of light in an industry that often gets inundated with sales reps who either lack technical expertise or are willing to say anything to close a sale. Russ has proven to be someone I can trust, He was one of my go-to salespersons 25+ years ago. And when he when the time came for him to move a different company, I stayed with Russ and NOT the former company. . I know I can count on him to bring me a very competitive quote and the right expertise to our meetings to help me make great choices."





"As a public hospital, the mission of Murray-Calloway County Hospital is to be the leading partner in improving the overall well-being of the people we serve. As a non-profit, we are dependent on grants and donations to help us achieve our mission. Our patients are primarily Medicare and Medicaid insured and we provide millions of dollars of charitable care every year. The grant from GHA is helping us to provide a comfortable setting for our patients in our new Regional Cancer Center. This grant is providing patients that must endure long periods of treatment with technology to help them pass the time in a more pleasant way. Whether they enjoy reading, watching movies, playing games, or just surfing the internet, the iPads acquired with this grant are a true blessing. Many of our patients can not afford their own technology and having these available for them to use as they face one of life's greatest challenges provides comfort as they battle. We truly appreciate GHA for being a partner in delivering compassionate, patient-centered outcome-based care."



Michael from Phoenix, AZ


"Adrienne, I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate all the work you put in for me and Ewing Irrigation. Just a quick view of my account from last year alone shows that I asked you to help me 172 times! And I know that those are only the requests that I have put in with you! The fact that I can tell you what I need and then you do all the footwork to find the equipment that fits my requirements saves me a ton of time and makes my purchasing so much easier. Your ability to help Ewing Irrigation with extremely large purchases and to give us different financing options has helped us immensely at Ewing with our many and ever-changing list of needs. It has been great having you as our primary contact with so many different vendors and your help with managing those relationships. I appreciate that you are always contacting me with updates and making sure that I don't let my team drop the ball on our quotes. And it always sounds like you do it with a smile every time we talk. Thank you for being you! I'm sure I will be contacting you again to get some more stuff!"



Alan from Teutopolis, IL


"Larry, You and I go way back. All the way to the 20th century (boy do I feel old now). In all of that time, you (and by extension GHA Technologies) have been a great partner for Siemer Milling Company. Always providing excellent pricing and even better customer service. Your work in going above and beyond has saved my bacon more times than I can count. To celebrate our years of collaboration, Siemer Milling Company would like to show our appreciation by taking you and your wife to dinner, at a location of your choosing, on whatever date/time is most convenient for you. We would also like to present you with a small token of our appreciation as well (a Desk Clock). If next week works for you, please provide us with the Date/time/location to meet up for our lunch/dinner. George Hertzberg, President of GHA Technologies, is also invited to share our celebration of your superior support for Siemer Milling Company."



Barry from Canton, MA


"Karl, Linda has been terrific to work with. We started using GHA when the shipping issues began to get worse about a year ago. They've been instrumental in our ability to keep a constant supply of laptops, desktops and servers coming in. Linda gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me, for what it's worth."

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