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Product Overview - PostSharp, the #1 Software Development Tool

The software development tool PostSharp is the #1 pattern-aware compiler extension to C# and VB and is available from GHA Technologies, Inc. PostSharp allows developers to eradicate boilerplate by offloading repeating work from humans to machines. It contains ready-made implementations of the most common patterns such as INotifyPropertyChanged, logging, or security and gives you the tools to build automation for your own patterns. It also allows you to build thread safe applications in C# and VB.


Developers usually think in terms of design patterns, but with conventional programming languages, they end up writing boilerplate code. PostSharp adds support for patterns to C# and VB languages.

The result: shorter, cleaner code that’s easier to write and understand, contains fewer defects and is less expensive to maintain.


Key benefits of using a software development tool such as PostSharp

  • Stop writing boilerplate code and deliver faster.

Patterns are repetitive and repetition is exactly what computers are good at. Let the software development tool do the repetitive work and save development time and costs immediately.

  • Build more reliable software. Features such as security, logging, caching, exception handling are much easier and cheaper to implement so you can build a more robust app.
  • Easily add/modify functionality after first release. Cleaner and shorter code is easier to understand and so developers can easily focus on business logic and modify it painlessly when needed.
  • Get new members contribute quicker. Thanks to cleaner code, new team members do not waste time understanding complex architectural structures. Feedback loops are much tighter thanks to build time error detection.

PostSharp is the Best Software Development Tool for C# and VB Developers worldwide

There are 5 main reasons why developers in CITY and worldwide should include the software development tool PostSharp in their toolkit:

  1. Get more productive in minutes with ready-made pattern implementations. Thanks to PostSharp’s implementations of some of the most common patterns found in .NET code bases such as INotifyPropertyChanged, Undo/Redo, Code Contracts or Logging Pattern, you can be productive in minutes.
  2. Automate more complex patterns and remove more boilerplate. PostSharp is the only software development tool that allows you to define patterns specific to your app and thus eradicate even more repetitive code.
  3. Build thread-safe apps – without a PhD. PostSharp makes VB and C# thread safe thanks to its 7 threading models.
  4. Maintain your existing codebase in C# or Visual Basic. No need to change to a different programming language – PostSharp works with C# and VB.
  5. Benefit from much better run-time performance. The software development tool PostSharp delivers exceptional run-time performance.


Used by World's Largest Corporations worldwide

Nowadays, companies rely on software development tools to remove the restrictions imposed by the nature of programming languages or compilers. PostSharp has become an essential part of software development toolkit of over 50,000 developers worldwide and over 10% of all Fortune 500 companies including Microsoft, Intel, Bank of America, Phillips, NetApp, BP, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Volkswagen, Hitachi, Siemens, and Oracle rely on PostSharp to reduce their development and maintenance costs.


GHA Technologies, Inc. features PostSharp nationwide.