Video Television & Cameras

A / V Controllers

Projection Screens

A / V Presentation Equipment

•  A / V Controllers


•  A / V Presentation Accessories

•  Presentation Hardware

•  Presentation Software


Accessories, Projection Screens

Electric Projection Screens

Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Manual Wall and Ceiling Projection Screens

Rear Projection Screens

Accessories, Projection Screens

Screens, Projection

Tripod and Portable Projection Screens



•  Accessories, Camcorder

•  Camcorders, Consumer

•  Camcorders, Professional

•  Memory, Media, Tape

Cameras, Still

Cameras, Video, Studio, Presentation

•  Accessories, Still Camera

Digital Still Cameras


Closed - Circuit Video, Security, Industrial

•  Accessories for Studio, Presentation Cameras

Cameras, Presentation

Cameras, Production / Studio, without recorder

Cameras, Remote Controlled with Pan / Tilt

Video, Studio, Presentation Camcorders

CVideoconference Systems, Cameras, Accessories


Accessories for CCTV, Industrial Cameras

Camera Housings, Domes

Lenses for CCTV Cameras

Monitoring CCTV Control Systems, Switchers

Security, CCTV, Industrial Cameras

Projectors, Overhead, Opaque

•  Overhead Projectors

Projectors, Video / Data

•  Accessories, Video Projectors

•  Cases, Projectors

•  Lenses, Projection

•  Mounts, Projection

•  Projectors, Cinema / Home Theater

•  Projectors, Data, Multimedia, Presentation

•  Replacement Video Projector Lamps

Recorders, Players, Editors, VIDEO

•  Accessories, remotes, mounts for Video Recorders

•  Disk Based Video Recorders

•  DV / DVC Video Recorders

•  DVCAM Video Recorders

•  HDV HD Recorders (852 / 0)

•  Solid State Recorders

•  Surveillance Video Recorders

•  VHS, DVHS Video Recorders

RF, Cable, CATV, MATV Amplifiers, Distro, Accessories

Digital Signage

Digital Whiteboards

•  Accessories for Digital Signage

Digital Signage Players

Touchscreens and Overlays

Video Wall Controllers


•  RF Accessories

•  RF Amplifiers

•  RF Distribution Amplifiers

•  RF Isolators, Transformers

•  RF Modulators, Inserters

•  RF Splitters / Combiners / Taps

Scalers, Transcoders, Converters, Encoders,

Codec, Keyers

Distribution / Video Amplifiers

•  Accessories for Digital Whiteboards

Digital Whiteboards and Whiteboard Systems


Distribution / Video Amplifiers

•  Accessories, Mounts, Video Processing

Distribution Amplifiers, VGA / XGA

Distribution Amplifiers, Video Analog Line Level

Distribution Amplifiers, Video Digital

Processor / Controllers for Video Walls

Video Isolators, Transformers

Video Line Amplifiers / Boosters


DVD, Blu - Ray Players, Recorders, Duplicators

•  Accessories, Mounts, Video Processing

Distribution Amplifiers, VGA / XGA

Distribution Amplifiers, Video Analog Line Level

Distribution Amplifiers, Video Digital

Processor / Controllers for Video Walls

Video Isolators, Transformers

Video Line Amplifiers / Boosters


Editors, Non - Linear, Controllers

•  Blu - Ray Duplicators

Blu - Ray Players

Blu - ray Recorders

DVD Duplicators

DVD Label Printers

DVD Players

DVD Recorders

Printer Ink Cartridges for DVD Printers


Extenders, Baluns, Transmitters / Receivers for Video

•  Non - Linear Video Workstations

Video Edit Controllers


•  A / D and D / A Video Converters

•  Accessories, mounts, racks for Scalers, Transcoders, 
   Encoders, Keyers

•  Codecs, Encoders, Streaming Video

•  Embedders, Disembedders

•  Scalers, Scan Converters, Up / Down Converters

•  Standards Converters

•  TBC, Process Amp

•  Transcoders, Format Converters

Software, Video Production

•  Animation and Compositing Software

•  Video Editing Software

•  Video Processor Plug - ins

•  Video Utility Software

Sync, Black Burst, Pattern Generators

•  Sync, Black Burst, Pattern Generators

TV, Monitors, Teleprompters

•  Accessories for TV / Monitors

•  Cases, Flat Panel, Monitors

•  Computer Monitors

•  CRT / Tube Monitors, Broadcast, Industrial, no tuner

•  LCD Monitors, Camera - Top / Field

•  LCD Monitors, No Tuner, under 22"

•  LCD / Plasma Monitor / TV, with tuner

•  LCD / Plasma Monitors, No Tuner, over 23"

•  Mounts for Monitors / TV

•  Multimedia Carts

•  Rack Mount Monitors

•  Speakers for Flat Screen TV / Monitors

•  Teleprompters

•  Touchscreens and Overlays

•  Video Wall Controllers

Video Capture Cards / Interfaces

•  Video Capture Cards / Interfaces

Video Wall

•  Mounts for Video Walls

•  Panels for Video Walls

•  Processors / Controllers for Video Walls

Wireless Video / Data

•  Wireless Video / Data

Mixers, Switchers, SEG's, Titlers, VIDEO

Accessories for Extenders

ADAT Extenders

Audio Extenders

Composite / Component Extenders

Data, RS232 / RS422 Extenders

DVI Extenders

Ethernet Extenders

Firewire / IEEE Extenders

HDMI Extenders

MIDI Extenders

Optical Extenders

RF / Cable Extenders

SDI Extenders

SPDIF / AES Extenders

USB Extenders

VGA Extenders


•  Accessories, Mounts, Mixers, Switchers, SEG's

Chroma Key Controllers and Accessories

Multi Viewers

Production Switchers, SEG, Mixers

Switchers, Selectors, Video / Data

Titlers, Character Generators, Inserters, Video


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GHA Technologies, Inc. is a nationally expanding network, computer reseller and systems integrator with offices nationwide. GHA is listed as the 25th largest private corporation in Arizona. We sell HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Nimble, EMC, NetApp, Sony, Apple, VMware, Samsung, Fujitsu, APC, Symantec, Panasonic, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and all the latest storage, datacenter, virtualization, cloud, security, VoIP, wireless, video and identification technologies. We also specialize in mission-critical product procurement and integration services for some of the largest corporate, government, and educational clients in the US. Our client base is a Who's Who of Corporate America.


Currently, GHA has over 150 employees with annual sales of approximately $120 million and growing at a rate of 20%. GHA continues to hire 10 to 15 new sales professionals every five weeks nationwide. GHA has highly motivated and talented salespeople who provide the highest level of service to their customers. Call or email us to find out more!





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