Lighting & Theatrical

Electrical, Gaffing, Cables, Connectors

Lamps, Lightbulbs for Replacement

•  Cables, DMX

•  Connectors, Stage Pin and Lighting Connectors

•  Extension Cords, Power Y Cords for Lights

•  Lighting Cables for Stage / Studio

•  Low Voltage 12V Lighting Cables


Fog / Atmospheric Effects

•  Fog Fluid & Fogger Accessories

•  Fog Machines

•  Snow Machines

Gel, Filters, Gobos, Frames, Holders

•  Color Wheels, Color Changers, Scrollers

•  Diffusion Filters, Scrims

•  Filters, Glass, Dichroic

•  Frames / Holders for Gels / Color

•  Gel String, Color Changer Gel

•  Gel / Filters for Film / Televison, Color Correction

•  Gel / Filters, Theatrical

•  Gobo / Pattern Holders / Rotatorson

•  Gobos, Patterns, Slides

Grip Equipment, Scenic, Hardware

•  Accessories, Adaptors for Lighting

Backgrounds, Reflectors

•  Clamps for lighting, rigging

•  Gloves

•  Hardware / Scenic

•  Light Meters

•  Lighting Cases

•  Paint / Brushes

•  Pipe and Drape, Skirting, and Backdrops

•  Safety Cables

•  Sand Bags

•  Scenic Materials, Drape, Fabric

•  Tape, Adhesive, Gaffers



Lamps, Lightbulbs for Replacement


Light Fixtures, Luminaires

Lighting Dimmers and Controllers

•  Accessories for Lighting Fixtures

•  Camera, Studio, Location, Light Fixtures

•  Conventional, Theatrical, Lighting Fixtures

•  Follow Spots

•  LED Spot, Wash, Graze Lighting Fixtures

•  Moving Lights

•  On the Air Lights

•  Outdoor Rated, Architectural, Lighting Fixtures

•  Special Effect Lighting Fixtures

•  Task Lighting Fixtures and Accessories



•  Accessories for Lighting Controllers and Dimmers

•  Chase Lighting Controllers

•  Controllers, Consoles, Portable, Desk - Top for Lighting

•  Controllers, Software Based Lighting Controllers

•  Controllers, Wall Mount Lighting Controllers

•  Dimmers, Permanent Install

•  Dimmers, Portable

•  DMX Accessories, DMX Converters

•  DMX Cables

•  Relay Packs for Lighting and Stage

•  Strobe / Flash Controller, Strobe Power Packs

Rigging, Truss, Stages, Stands

Software - Based Lighting Applications

•  Cases for Lighting

•  Lighting Stands, Mounts

•  Risers, Stages

•  Truss and Rigging



•  Software - Based Lighting Applications

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