Adapters, Adapter Cables, Splitters

Hardware, Parts, Acoustic

•  1 / 4" to 1 / 4" Adapters

•  1 / 4" to 1 / 8" Mini Adapters

•  1 / 4" to Banana Adapters

•  1 / 4" to Speakon Adapters

•  1 / 4" to XLR Adapters

•  1 / 4" to XLR Adapters, Transformer Type

•  1 / 8" Mini to 1 / 8" Mini Adapters

•  1 / 8" Mini to 2.5 mm Adapters

•  1 / 8" Mini to XLR Adapters

•  Adapters Misc Audio / Video

•  AES / 110 - ohm Cable Adapters, Transformers

•  Attenuators, Pads

•  BNC Adapters

•  BNC to RCA Adapters

•  BNC to XLR Adapters

•  Data / Digital Adaptors

•  DMX Adapters

•  DV / Firewire IEEE Adapters

•  DVI Adapters

•  DVI Splitters

•  DVI to HDMI Adapters

•  Extenders, Baluns, Transmitters, Receivers

•  F to F Adapters

•  F to RCA Adapters

•  Ground Lifters

HDMI Adapters

HDMI Splitters

HDMI to DVI Adapters

Headphone Splitters, Y Adapters

Isolators, Hum Eliminators, Audio

Isolators, Hum Eliminators, Video / RF

Phase Reversers

RCA to 1 / 4" Adapters

RCA to 1 / 8" Mini Adapters

RCA to RCA Adapters

S - VHS S - Video Adapters

Speakon to 1 / 4" Adapters

Splitters / Combiners, Line Level

Splitters / Combiners, Microphone Level


USB Adapters

Video, RF, VGA, Adapters

Video / RF Splitters / Combiners / Taps

XLR to XLR Adapters

Cable, Connectors, Wire, Optical

Acoustic Materials

Attenuators, Passive Level Controls

Chemicals and Maintenance Supplies

Circuit Modules, Kits

Lighting for equipment / consoles, Littlite

Meters, Non Test Equipment

Remote Controls, Infrared Repeaters, Controllers

Security, Alert Equipment

Switches, mechanical, electrical

Switches, mechanical, electrical

Tone, Chime, Signal Generators, Transducers


Media, CDR, DVDR, Memory Cards, Tape,
Tape Accessories

Audio Media

Boxes, Labels, Accessories for Tape / Media

Cases, Bags for Media

Data Media

Digital Memory

Video Media

Patchbays, Switchers

Audio Patchbays

Data Patchbays

Switchers, Misc Patchbay

Video Patchbays

Power Products, Power Supplies,
Power Conditioners, Batteries

Accessories for Power Products

Batteries, Chargers, AC Adapters

Power Conditioners, Distribution, UPS

Power Supplies, Converters, Inverters

Replacement / Service Parts

Audio & Sound Equipment Service Parts

Cases, Bags, Cabinet, Rack Service Parts

Guitar Parts

Lighting & Theatrical Service Parts

Miscellaneous Service Parts

Musical Instrument Service Parts

Stands, Mounts, Tripod Service Parts

Video Projector Lamps

Video, Television, Camera Service Parts

•  Cable & Snakes - Premade

•  Cable - Raw unterminated, Bulk Wire

•  Cable Accessories

•  Connectors, Plugs, Jacks, XLR, Power

•  Extenders, Baluns, Transmitters / Receivers

•  Floor Pockets, Stage Boxes, Table Top Boxes, Accessories

•  Wall Plates

Cases, Bags, Cabinets, Racks

•  Carts and Dollies

•  Cases, Bags, Portable

•  Racks and Rack Accessories


Stands, Mounts, Tripods

Camera Tripods / Monopods / Stabilizers

Carts, Multimedia

Computer Workstation, Computer Stand

Instruments, Music, Stands

Lighting Stands, Mounts, Gaffing

Microphone Stands & Accessories

Misc. Equipment Stands / Mounts

Mixer Stands

Projector Mounts

Speaker Mounts, Brackets, Enclosures, Hardware

Speaker Stands, Tripods

Television / Monitor Mounts

•  Chairs, Stools

•  Dry Erase Boards

•  Furniture Consoles

•  Tables


Test Equipment and Tools

Software for Test and Reinforcement

Test Equipment



About GHA Technologies?


GHA Technologies, Inc. is a nationally expanding network, computer reseller and systems integrator with offices nationwide. GHA is listed as the 25th largest private corporation in Arizona. We sell HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, Nimble, EMC, NetApp, Sony, Apple, VMware, Samsung, Fujitsu, APC, Symantec, Panasonic, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, and all the latest storage, datacenter, virtualization, cloud, security, VoIP, wireless, video and identification technologies. We also specialize in mission-critical product procurement and integration services for some of the largest corporate, government, and educational clients in the US. Our client base is a Who's Who of Corporate America.


Currently, GHA has over 150 employees with annual sales of approximately $120 million and growing at a rate of 20%. GHA continues to hire 10 to 15 new sales professionals every five weeks nationwide. GHA has highly motivated and talented salespeople who provide the highest level of service to their customers. Call or email us to find out more!





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